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Proceedings of Stem Cell Research and Oncogenesis

PSCRO earlier known as Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research (JCSCR) is an open access, online and peer reviewed scientific journal that provides an excellent platform to researchers and clinicians alike to publish high-quality basic and translational/clinical research in frontier areas of stem cell research, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, cancer biology, cancer stem cell- signalling mechanisms, regulation, differentiation, gene expression, drug resistance, and development of novel therapeutics in animal models and human. PSCRO promotes an open access policy maximizing the visibility of articles published as it allows ubiquitous access by a vast audience throughout the world. In this journal, highly accessed articles will be underscored with a ‘Highly Accessed’ graphic that will appear on the journal’s contents pages and in the search results. Open access publishing allows free distribution of and access to published articles. The authors retain copyright of their work with a Creative Commons Attribution License, so all articles are made freely available to the widest audience possible.

PSCRO emphasizes the need for a rigorous peer review component for all manuscripts submitted. Despite this thorough review, PSCRO allows authors to quickly receive a decision regarding the status of their articles. Articles may only be submitted online, as the peer review is conducted electronically. Each submitted article is electronically distributed to the reviewers. Once approved, papers are directly published with their final citation in a sample PDF form. Subsequently, the article will be published in a searchable web form and as a formatted PDF. During this time the article will be available through PSCRO. However, if research is funded by US Federal grants, the articles will be uploaded on PubMed immediately. Other articles will be uploaded on public links such as CrossRef, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Scholar and other domains (under consideration) public links.

Recent Articles

Challenges in Leveraging Cancer Stem Cell Properties for Therapeutic Development
Pranela Rameshwar
Proceedings of Stem Cell Research and Oncogenesis (2019), 7:e1002 (November 1, 2019)
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Novel View of the Adult Stem Cell Compartment – A Developmental Story of Germline and Parental Imprinting
Mariusz Z. Ratajczak, Alison Domingues, Suman Suman, Alex R. Straughn, Sham S. Kakar, and Malwina Suszynska
Proceedings of Stem Cell Research and Oncogenesis (2019), 7:e1001 (June 17, 2019)
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The Effect of CD133 Positive Stemness on the Exosomes Secreted by Glioma Cells
Oliver D. Mrowczynski, A. B. Madhankumar, Jeffrey M. Sundstrom, Yuanjun Zhao, Yuka Imamura Kawasawa, Becky Slagle-Webb, Ganesh Shenoy, Vagisha Ravi, Elias B. Rizk, Brad E. Zacharia, and James R. Connor
Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research 2019, 6:e1009 (January 12, 2019)
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Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Breast Cancer through Inhibition of WAVE3/YB1 Interaction
Khalid Sossey-Alaoui
Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research 2019, 6:e1008 (January 12, 2019)
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Stem Cell Lineage Hierarchy by Keratin Profiling in Normal Human Prostate Epithelial Cells and Prostate Cancer
Wen-Yang Hu, Dan-Ping Hu, Lishi Xie, Hong Hu, Ye Li, Michael R. Abern, Larisa Nonn3, Toshi Shioda, and Gail S. Prins
Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research 2019, 6:e1007 (January 12, 2019)
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